Posted on: February 26, 2010 8:22 am

Dear Mark McGwire...

You think you can just disown your brother for betrayal and act as if you are the honest one, but I'm not buying your story. Your brother didn't go on national television and clam up every time Congress asked about steroid use. Your brother didn't try to deflect every Congress question as if the past meant nothing. You, my friend, had a golden opportunity to set the record straight like a man, and you chose not to. You claimed Jose Canseco was a liar, but as it turns out, you were hiding the truth the entire time. You did steroids.
Your apology was one of the weakest apologies I have ever seen. What makes your apology even more disingenuous is the fact that you were just trying to make the road easier for your coaching career in St. Louis. It is reasonable to think that you would have never apologized if you did not have interests in a job in the major leagues. You hid from apologizing for years and finally give in just days before signing a contract as hitting coach. How pathetic. You mock us true fans by claiming that you only did steroids to recover from injuries. Do you really think we're that stupid? We're supposed to believe that the two years you were injured in your late 20's, you were doing steroids to recover from injuries only? You just started hitting 50 plus home runs in your 30's just because despite the fact that you never hit over 20 home runs in any season before that? Look at the league as a whole. Ever since Congress had to police rampant drug use in baseball, where have all the home runs gone?
I hope the hall of fame never allows you in. You are far from deserving a spot next to the true greats.
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