Posted on: July 2, 2010 10:35 am
Edited on: July 2, 2010 11:12 pm

The Future of "King" James

The nickname "King" is very premature for LeBron James since a king is the ruler of the land, and to be "king" in the NBA, you must have at least one piece of jewelery on your hand, and James hasn't accomplished that. Lebron has a huge decision to make if he wants to live up to his nickname and I will discuss what are some of his best and worst options.
Cleveland- Staying in Cleveland won't hurt Lebron James at all. They can offer him the most money, salary wise, and he can build his legacy there and be the "King" of Cleveland. He needs to win a title in Cleveland to etch his legacy in stone in the NBA. If he plays his entire career in Cleveland and doesn't win a title, well, we have been watching a more talented Karl Malone. Cleveland doesn't seem to have the roster that compliments Lebron and looks to be that roster who can win a lot of games, but will always fall short of any title. If Lebron stays in Clevenland, I expect it will be tied to a deal to get Chris Bosh on the roster.

Chicago- Chicago, in my opinion, is a lose-lose situation for James. The Bulls probably have the best roster to win a title, but even with a title and even multiple titles, Chicago will always be Jordan's city and Lebron can only be "Prince" there. Even worse for James would be not winning a title in Chicago. His legacy would be tarnished forever. He would be the guy who quit on Cleveland that couldn't win in Jordan's town. He would be making a big mistake joining Chicago.

New Jersey/Brooklyn- I think the Nets are the best option for James. Just imagine all the hype leading up to the move to Brooklyn. The owner is a multi-billionaire who can make James an international superhero. The Nets don't have the best roster, but they do have some young talent that James would make better. James' legacy could be huge because he will the guy that put Brooklyn back on the map in the NBA. He would feel the Heat from Knicks fans, but he would eventually make them love Brooklyn. To top it all off, New York will get him the most money off the court than any other place. Lebron would initially be called selfish because many people would see this move as the least likely winning situation, but winning will silence the critics. Bringing a title to Brooklyn would promote "King" James to "Lord" James.

New York- The Knicks would be very similar to the Nets, but I think they're below the Nets. The Knicks don't have the ownership and don't have Jay Z, a New York legend who is a partial owner of the Nets as well. A partnership with Jay Z will be huge. Who will promote Lebron form the Knicks? Spike Lee? A has been director, not going to work out.

Miami- Unlike many sports writers, I think teaming up with Dwayne Wade would work out well. However, James would not be the main guy in Miami as it is still Wade's city, but I think he can be looked at in the same manner as Wade. Wade would still be the leader of the team and James can just be James. James would finally have a teammate who can take over a game, something Cleveland has lacked his whole career.

Los Angeles- Not the Lakers, the Clippers. James could make a name for himself by winning with the Clippers, but let's be realistic, the Lakers have won so much in L.A. that the Clippers will always be an afterthought of the Lakers. Lebron can build a legacy with the Clippers, but it will be extremely difficult to just get up to the status of so many legends of the Lakers.

Dallas- Signing with the Mavericks wouldn't be a bad option either as the Mavs have a great owner who is willing to do anything for a title. The Mavs wouldn't be as lucrative off the court though. It will also be tough for James to make Dallas a basketball city competing against one of the most historic franchises in sports history, the Dallas Cowboys. James could still make Dallas a formiddable force in the NBA and build a legacy in Dallas. My brother came up with another great point for Dallas and that is the connection between Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones. Just imagine how many key games would fill 80,000 seats or more in Dallas.

If I had to make a prediction on where Lebron James will go, I'd have to go with Cleveland. Right now, I'd say my percentage chances are Cleveland is 40%, Brooklyn is 20%, Chicago, New York and Miami 10%, and Dallas and Los Angeles are 5%. No matter what other city Lebron chooses, he will have to do a lot for people to forget he gave up, quit on Cleveland. It would be different if he won a title and moved on, but he didn't win a title. Another interesting thing will be how many years he puts in his contract wherever he goes. Some people may think that Lebron's legacy isn't important in his decision, but I think it is and will be one of the primary factors in his decision. I will obviously be wrong if he signs with Chicago because James will never be bigger than Jordan there, but I think Chicago has already been ruled out by James because he is concerned with his legacy in the NBA.
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