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Bold NFL Predictions for 2010

Here are my bold NFL predictions for the 2010 season.


Dallas Cowboys- 10-6- An old offensive line with a bad offensive coordinator aren’t a good mix, but talent will prevail in the end. Talent can only take you so far, however.

New York Giants- 10-6- The young receivers step it up another notch and Eli has his best year yet. Could this be another wild card run?

Washington Redskins- 9-7- McNabb gets back at Philly twice, but it won’t be enough to get the Redskins a playoff berth. Redskins will look back at a few plays and wonder what could have been.

Philadelphia Eagles- 9-7- A winning record isn’t enough for Kolb’s first season as starter. Kolb starts to feel McNabb’s pain with the Philly fans as cries for Vick become a distraction.



New Orleans Saints- 12-4- The Saints offense is again too much for the rest of the division. After being the first in the odd trend last year (first team to lose last three games and win a super bowl), they seem to want to make it a tradition.

Atlanta Falcons- 11-5- Young QB Ryan shows leadership skills as he leads the Falcons to the playoffs in a late run.  Ryan, Turner, and White give Falcons fans security that they will be a playoff team for years to come.

Carolina Panthers- 7-9- Matt Moore cools off during offseason and struggles throughout. The running game just isn’t enough to overcome a weak WR core.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- 3-13- The record seem to be a justification of how well the young Bucs will play. The step back will seem like a step forward to many as the Bucs look to be on the verge of breaking through next year.



Green Bay Packers- 12-4- The Packers run away with the division and the talk of Aaron Rodgers being the best Packers QB ever is the big topic at the end of the year. Will the talk interfere with playoff aspirations?

Minnesota Vikings- 8-8- The Vikings realize that last year’s start may have been a fluke as this year’s schedule is much tougher. There won’t be any room for Favre to ease into his QB role this year. Coach Childress becomes another infamous stat of Favre’s; Third consecutive coach to get fired with Favre’s exit who finally retires.

Chicago Bears- 6-10- The Bears have glimpses of breaking through, but lack of leadership keeps the team buried below .500. Bad end of season gets Coach Lovie Smith the pink slip.

Detroit Lions- 2-14- Injuries and a tough schedule keep the Lions from progressing. Detroit loses leads in a lot games as they find out they don’t have a “closer” for a RB. The weak defense gives up big costly plays again.



San Francisco 49ers- 11-5- The 49ers dominate the division, but many are skeptical as their losses are against the better teams on their schedule. Will they prove the skeptics wrong?

Arizona Cardinals- 6-10- Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t seem to be the same with all the changes. The running game seems to be the better part of the Cards of offense. The Cards get a spark from QB Max Hall at the end of the season.

Seattle Seahawks- 3-13- The record will enrage Seahawks faithful and they’ll lay blame on the wrong man, Coach Pete Carroll. The team has little talent since super bowl and this year, everyone will finally realize it.

St. Louis Rams- 1-15- It won’t be a dramatic 1-15 season, the win will come early, but there will be a lot of improvement for years to come for the young Rams. Steven Jackson may be moved before the end of the season.



New England Patriots- 12-4- The Patriots’ offense looks like the old Patriots offense now that QB Tom Brady has one year under his new knee. Laurence Maroney has his best season.

Miami Dolphins- 10-6- The Dolphins error-free football will not pay off with a playoff spot. The lack of another player stepping up to take the heat off of new addition Brandon Marshall will cost them the playoffs.

New York Jets- 10-6- The Jets improve their record from last year, but feel the pain of a new season as they fail to make the playoffs. The love for QB Mark Sanchez will be questioned by many New Yorkers as his mistakes prove costly this year.

Buffalo Bills- 4-12- RB CJ Spiller will challenge for the Rookie of the Year recognition by the end of the year. That will be the only bright spot for the Bills.



Indianapolis Colts- 13-3- QB Peyton Manning is the true professional and will not allow his team to take a step back. The Colts will not lose a beat from Super Bowl loss.

Houston Texans- 11-5- The Texans finally prove the experts right who have been predicting them to make the playoffs the last three years. WR Jacoby Jones and RB Arian Foster will have big years that get the Texans over the top.

Tennessee Titans- 8-8- The Titans lack of WRs prove to be costly as Chris Johnson is shut down in key games.  There will be many questions for the Titans going into next year.

Jacksonville Jaguars- 2-14- RB Maurice Jones-Drew’s ‘minor’ knee surgery turns into major as he can’t get the job done by himself. Coach Del Rio will be another coach looking for a job.




Baltimore Ravens- 12-4- The Ravens run away with their division, but have to play the entire season to clinch a bye week in the playoffs. The defense’s health will be the big question going into the playoffs.

Cincinnati Bengals- 10-6- The Bengals have a solid year and a couple of big wins will break the tie-breaker to get them in the playoffs. Will they be the dark horse of the playoffs like the Jets last year?

Pittsburgh Steelers- 7-9- The bad start and a rusty Ben Roethlisberger topped with a sloppy offensive line and a locker room with tension is a recipe of disaster for the Steelers. Steelers’ nation will wonder what will be the future of the Steelers for years to come.

Cleveland Browns- 5-11- The Browns band aids will not stop the bleeding. They may be able to pull out a couple of tough wins, but the playoffs are not in their future.



San Diego Chargers- 12-4- The Chargers have no problem overcoming the loss of WR Vincent Jackson as rookie sensation RB Ryan Mathews has big year. Will the rookie get them past the hump in the playoffs?

Oakland-8-8- The Raiders defense keeps them in games, but the lack of offense will cost them games. QB Jason Campbell will manage  Raiders- games well, but doesn’t have the weapons to get it done late in games.

Kansas City Chiefs- 8-8- Nobody has talked about the Chiefs potential all offseason and the Chiefs will be hitting themselves after they let a few games slip out of their grasp. The Chiefs will shock a few teams.

Denver Broncos- 3-13- The Broncos look hopeless by their bye week. They traded away all their weapons and Coach Josh McDaniels may lose the locker room by end of season which may cost him his job.




Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys- The Cowboys defense proves too much for the Falcons and the Cowboys move on in a game that is secured late in the fourth quarter. Cowboys 23, Falcons 17.

New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers- The Giants show the green 49ers what the playoffs are all about and get revenge for a playoff loss in the 90’s. Giants 24, 49ers 10.

Cincinnati Bengals at San Diego Chargers- The tides turn for the Chargers as the Bengals miss a last minute field goal to tie the game, Chargers 27, Bengals 24.

Houston Texans at New England Patriots- The Patriots faithful begin questioning their faith as the Patriots get shocked at home again by the up and coming Texans. Texans, 30, Patriots 20.



Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints- Talk of the Cowboys becoming the first team to play at home in a Super Bowl is silenced in the Big Easy. The Cowboys defense does well, but it’s the offense, again, that is the disappointment. Saints 24, Cowboys 10.

New York Giants at Green Bay Packers- Unlike a few years ago, Aaron Rodgers leads the Packers against the Giants and doesn’t throw a game ending pick. Packers 31, Giants 20.

San Diego Chargers at Baltimore Ravens- The Chargers may have personnel changes, but things remain the same as their team looks at each other with blank stares. Who will be the man to blame this year? Ravens 31, Chargers 14.

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts- The game of the year goes down to a field goal and Peyton Manning can shake his errors away. Colts 34, Texans 31.



Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints- The experts think the Saints are lucky to avoid Lambeau Field his time of year, but so are the explosive Packers who out duel the Saints in a offensive show case. Packers 38, Saints 34.

Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts- It’s a battle that is meant to be and Baltimore fans celebrate as they take down the evil Colts who left their city years ago. The Ravens stun the Colts in Indy with a solid run game led by Ray Rice. Ravens 31, Colts 24.



Baltimore Ravens versus Green Bay Packers at Cowboys Stadium

A great match up lives up to its expectations early, but the Packers pull away from the aging Ravens defense and prevail. Packers 31, Ravens 17. Aaron Rodgers is named MVP.



MVP- Aaron Rodgers- his running game will viewed as less and he’ll upset Peyton Manning in a close race.

Coach of the Year- John Harbaugh- The Ravens look to be a dominate team for a long time under Harbaugh’s leadership.

Rookie of the Year- Offense- CJ Spiller- Beats out Ryan Mathews who has slightly better numbers, but Spiller has no support.

Rookie of the Year- Defense- Nadomukong Suh- He won’t have many stats either, but teams will double team him all season. A DT hasn’t demanded this much respect since Warren Sapp.

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Playoffs- Divisional Round

Last Week- 2-2
Prediction: Bengals 20, Jets 13. Actual Score- Jets 24, Bengals 14. I thought the Bengals went to sleep on purpose in Week 17, but they apparently went into hibernation until next year.
Prediction: Cowboys 27, Eagles 17. Actual Score- Cowboys 34, Eagles 14. Was close and predicted a rather easy Cowboys victory.
Prediction: Ravens 23, Patriots 17- Actual Score- Ravens 33, Patriots 14. I thought the Ravens could win with the run game and they did with the first play. The Patriots looked very old and senile without Wes Welker.
Prediction: Packers 30, Cardinals 21. Actual Score- Cardinals 51, Packers 45. This wild west shootout ended in dramatic fashion. Too bad fans will forget because of all the missed penalties on both sides of the ball.

Now for the Divisional Round:

Cardinals @ Saints (-7)
A rather surprising spread favoring the Saints who are a three game skid ever since talking about going undefeated. Drew Brees is a true leader, though, and will have his team refocused on the ultimate prize. The Saints defense will have to play the way it did early in the season when they were making big plays.
Anquon Boldin is questionable but it's uncertain how big a factor that is after the way Early Doucet played last week. Of course, that's an exaggeration, they need Boldin in every game. Kurt Warner played at a level rarely seen in any game last week and it is impossible for him to do the same against the Saints. The Cardinals could get an early lead, but the Saints have proved several time during the season they can overcome big leads.
A key match up to look for is Jeremy Shockey versus the Cardinals linebackers. Coach Payton will find ways for mismatches and Shockey will be the guy for them.
My Prediction: This will be another shoot out, but not as bad as last week's game. There will actually be some defense in this one. Saints 35, Cardinals 31.

Ravens @ Colts (-6)
It will be interesting how the Colts fans treat their home team after they had to watch one of the worst decisions in any sport, in my opinion. If there is any team that deserves to lose, it's the Colts. They have a histroy of losing playoff games when they rest players. They not only rested their players this year, they quit on making history in Week 16 by killing their own undefeated season, and then came back the next week and made sure their key players made receptions for history. A still angry crowd could deflate the Colts.
Ray Rice had a huge week last week against the Patriots. The Colts will have to contain him and make Joe Flacco make plays against them.
The key match up will be LT Jared Gaither versus Dwight Freeney. Freeney looked like a man against boys against the Jets in the first half of the forfeited game. Gaither will have to help make Flacco comfortable. The Colts will key on the run and Flacco will need time to make the plays to win the game.
My Prediction: The Colts will not be greeted well from the start, but a score or two will win back their fans. The Ravens will play this close, but will fade in the second half. Colts 31, Ravens 17.

Cowboys @ Vikings (-2.5)
Brett Favre will finally get hs chance to prove he was the right man for the job. His recent post season past does not help him. There are many worthless stats in this game with Favre 0-3 vs Cowboys in playoffs and the Cowboys last road playoff win was in 1992 being the most talked about. That was the past and these are two very different teams.
Adrian Peterson will have to come out of his shell and get 100 plus yards for the Vikings to win. Terence Newman and Mike Jenkins have played very well lately and should be able to limit Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin from making big plays.
The key match ups will be for both QBs. The Vikings LT Bryant McKinnie will have to keep DeMarcus Ware off of Favre for success, and the Cowboys LT Flozell Adams will have to contain Jared Allen so the red hot Tony Romo isn't pressured into mistakes.
My Prediction: I think both teams will limit the RBs and it will be up to the QBs to win the game. Favre could revert to the guy who forces plays to win. Ware and Anthony Spencer will put the pressure on and Favre will once again, turn the ball over too many times. Cowboys 24, Vikings 17.

Jets @ Chargers (-7)
This game looks like a blow out in the making but the Jets are the team that won't go away. The Jets will have to control the ball to win this game, and again, have their running game will have to help prevent this game by putting it on Mark Sanchez's shoulders.
Expect Darrelle Revis to lock down Vincent Jackson. Malcom Floyd has done well all season and Antonio Gates and other WRs give Philip Rivers big targets to throw to. LaDainian Tomlinson has been injured the last few playoffs so it will be interesting to see how he does during the game.
My Prediction: I just think the Chargers outmatch the Jets and will be able to move the ball a lot better than the Jets with their veteran QB. Chargers 27, Jets 13.
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Playoffs- Wild Card Round

New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5)
This is the first of three Week 17 rematches. The Jets crushed the Bengals last week, but the Bengals didn't have much to play for and their effort was questionable. I think Darrelle Revis, possible defensive player of the year, will again lock down Chad Ochocinco who is banged up. The big question will be whether Laveranues Coles and Andre Caldwell can step up. Cedric Benson was out last week and will be back and he will also have to carry the load against the league's number one rated defense.
For the Jets, it will be how much weight will be on Mark Sanchez's shoulders. Can Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene continue to pound the rock and move the chains? If they can't and have to throw the ball, Sanchez could struggle against one of the better CB tandems in the league.
My Prediction: I think the Bengals will force Sanchez to beat them and he will make too many mistakes on the road again. Bengals 20, Jets 13

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys (-4)
The last time these two teams met three times was back in 1995. The Cowboys won 30-11 in the playoffs after splitting the regular season meetings. The last time the Cowboys swept a division rivalry and met them in the playoffs was in 2007 and they lost to the New York Giants who went on to win the super bowl. It's never easy to beat a team three times in the NFL and the Cowboys will have to win two in a row in back to back weeks. The Eagles had a lot to gain last week (the number two seed and a bye) and were shut out. The Cowboys ran all over the Eagles and shut down their explosive offense. The interestingmatch up will be the Eagles DeSean Jackson versus Terence Newman. Jackson quickly made bulletin board quotes despite getting getting shut out last week. There were deep opportunities that were missed last week.
The question for the Cowboys will be how will they react to an Eagles score and possibly being down? They have shut out their last two opponents and a score could deflate them. How will they bounce back? Blame each other or press on? The other question will be the Cowboys finishing drives. After a great start this season, the Cowboys have lost their offensive identity. They can't finish drives in the end zone and last week, with a 7-0 lead, turned the ball over in the red zone. They cannot afford those mistakes in the playoffs, especially with the weight of 13 straight seasons without a playoff win on their shoulder. Tony Romo will need to continue to play mistake free.
My Prediction: Brian Westbrook for the Eagles hasn't looked the same and he will hurt as he always gave the Cowboys problems. The Cowboys will stop the big plays from killing them. Cowboys 27, Eagles 17.

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots (-3)
This will be the secon d meeting between the two and the first came down to the wire. The Patriots pulled out victorious, but will be without their outstanding WR Wes Welker. Welker was the key guy that moved the chains. He took care of the middle of the field while Randy Moss concentrated on the outside. Rookie Julian Edelman will have to fill Welkers shoes. The Ravens Ray Rice and Willis McGahee are a great tandem and could have a big day against the aging Patriots defense. The big match up will be how Randy Moss versus Ravens pass coverage. If the Ravens can keep Moss from having a big day, Tom Brady will have to trust other targets he isn't used to in the playoffs. 
The Patriots will have to contain Rice and McGahee to be able to win. 
My Prediction: The loss of Wes Welker will be big and if the Ravens can grab an early lead, the running game will help them keep it. Ravens 23, Patriots 17. 

Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals (PK)
This last Week 17 rematch isn't exactly a rematch since the Cardinals didn't even try. The Cardinals did leave Anquon Boldin in too long and he injured his knee which looks to limit his ability this week. The Packers have been one of the hottest teams in the NFC and Aaron Rodgers has been taking a lot less sacks. It also helps that Ryan Grant has found his ways again. 
The best match up of the week will be Larry Fitzgerald versus Charles Woodson. If Woodson can clamp down Fitzgerald, it could be a very long day for Cardinals fans just like it was last week. 
With Boldin injured, the Cardinals running game with Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower will have to run the ball well. The two, however, have combined for nine fumbles. They will be facing the leagues number two defense.
My Prediction: I think the team that wins the turnover battle will win the game. The Cradinals will be the team that turns it over. Packers 30, Cardinals 21.  
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